Gold Coast water fountains

In August my family and I traveled to the Gold Coast. Although we were only there for a week, I noticed rapid change in the amount of Public Water fountains available. They were obviously thinking about their community, as a vast majority of the water fountains were wheelchair accessible.

Here is a snipit of how many we saw:

The Surf Lifesaving Club had provided shower ‘blocks’ with integrated water fountains – its a great idea but research has also shown that people don’t always like drinking water in areas for bathing.
Lilah was excited to discover multi purpose water fountains similar to the ones we want to install in Auckland!

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Lilah and I headed down to Lake Pupuke today to feed the ducks and check out the public water availability at the park by the Pumphouse.

We walked throughout the park and could not find a water tap or bubbler anywhere handy…it wasn’t until we had jumped in the car to go home that we drove past the Takapuna Muncipal Pool that we saw a water fountain on the street, not even near the pool entrance but at the back of the pool, by two streets and not easily accessible from the park.