370 new water stations in Auckland by year end 2021

We will double the number of water stations currently in Auckland (370) by the end of 2021.

We will increase the total number of water stations in Auckland to over 1000 by end of 2024, and begin to roll out to other cities and towns around New Zealand with the goal of increasing the number of water stations to a minimum ratio of 1:2000 people.

Create community art and raise awareness

Each water station will have printable panels on which we will print community art. We will run a design competition amongst local schools for each water station and choose the winning design to be printed on one side of the water station.

The sponsoring partner will have the option to create a community message sympathetic in design to the winning artwork, to be printed on the other side of the water station.

We believe this will raise awareness of the new installation and create commnunity pride in it.

Encourage and incentivise kids to drink water by offering a collectible.

We want to change behaviour and encourage children to visit the water stations and use them. We intend to design and produce limited edition collectibles for children to receive when they visit a station and tell us about it.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at publicwaterproject@gmail.com.