Looking for a place to refill your bottle?

We’re excited by the launch of RefillNZ which is trying to increase the number of places you can fill up your water bottle (even where there aren’t any fountains nearby!).

In New Zealand an estimated 828 million single-use plastic bottles are thrown away per year, (that’s about 168 each) = 165 Olympic swimming pools. Lilah is very passionate about saving the ocean from this plastic waste and this is one of her strong drivers for Public Water Project.

We love that RefillNZ aims to make refilling with tap water the new norm – by making free water more freely available. They’ve reached out to businesses like dairies and shops and asked them to become Refill stations, enabling members of the public to fill up their water bottles at their taps, for free!

Participating businesses have a RefillNZ sticker in their window – keep an eye out for them when you are around and about, or grab their app here and find the nearest refill station easily!

Kate x

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